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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Clashrodney: first evening trad outside

Here in Aberdeen the weather was undecided whether to stay wintry or to allow spring to proceed. Finally the tide seem to have shifted and it got warm. Brian, Jackie and I were heading to Clashrodney for some trad mileage. First Stiletto, a HS on the red slab.
 Then Capitol wall VS 4b followed by Birthday treat E1 5a, which was my first E1. A good, sustained climb with a rest ledge in the middle.
 We then went over to the Johnny's Dangler area past the waterfall...
 ... where Brian climbed 'Schoolboy Alcoholic VS 4c instead of the E2 he wanted to climb.
 Went taking the previous photo I saw a seal which was ill, tired and coughing. I took a photo with the zoom and left quickly.