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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Brain's ramp IV,4

Somewhere in the Angus hilld there is a crag where few climbers have been. Today Piotr (better known as Polish Pete), Forrest and Brian went to try a new route. Here we are on the long walk in not made easier by all that snow...
 ... and here we are on the first pitch of our route.
 After turf and a chimney some thin climbing on tufts of turf followed to s wee meadow...
 ... which I am about to reach here.
Forrest led the second pitch. A ramp of thin turf and ice to gain the easier turfy upper part of the face. Here is Forrest at work...
... and here Pete follows with one axe on turf and one on ice.
 After that some easy ground and a long, long way home...
 ...through deep snow and forests.
We named the line 'Brian's ramp' in line with Scottish route naming tradition.


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