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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Corrie of Farchal II

A very cold day was forecast and so we went the second time into Corrie of Farchal which has much more to offer than is obvious from the road. We planned to add another line to the buttress which we had climbed on new years day. Here we approach the buttress...
 ... which was in good condition with snow, solid neve, well frozen turf and even some ice on the rock.
It was cold and snowy which was a relief after the hot air weather system which had recently passed over the Scottish winter climbing lands.
In Corrie of Farchal the rock is frequently broken which means mostly good protection and some thrutchy chimney climbing. Here Tim is on our second climb, a broken buttress on the right. It was better than it looked from below but overall easy.
 A last dash to the plateau and some blue skies.
 A good day and we did not see a single soul on the hill despite the excellent neve and ice conditions.
Corrie of Farchal is well worth a visit for grade III/IV climbers who do not like long walk ins.

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