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Monday, 22 July 2013

Summer & the Summer Isles

Visiting the summer isles by kayak on a summer's day is one of the hundred things to do in life. On Friday Ana and I left Dundee for the Porth a Bhaigh Campsite on the Coigach Peninsula to the West of Ullapool to join a trip organised by Karin and Vanessa of the Tayside sea kayak club. Here the view from the campsite.
 On Saturday our group, led by Ian the Admiral, was heading for Priest Island. Here is Ana passing a narrowing between the mainland and Isle Ristol just after leaving the campsite. 
 We were heading for a stop on a beach on the uninhabited Tanera Beag (I think). 
After that over the sea towards Priest island with the hills of North West Scotland in the distance. We saw a shoal of dolphins in the distance. Two are seen to the left of our group in the distance. 
At around 13 h we landed on a Priest island for lunch. 

 We paddled around the island and then went back to Tanera Beag. Here is Ana on her way...
 ... and here we are under the much photographed arch.
 The wind was up and against us and we finished our 30 km journey against strong winds at times to reach our campsite...
 ... where Karin and Vanessa had organised a beach BBQ...
 ... which went on until early Sunday under a full moon. 
 The next day the whole flotilla went North around the red sandstone climbing cliffs at Reiff
 Here some climbers in action. There is tons to do and I wished I was able to join them for a few climbs.
 Further around the peninsula Suilven appeared in the distance. A hill that I have not done and is near the top of the 'must do' list. 
 Here it is zoomed in.
 Pushed forward by the wind and held back by all the features that needed to be explored we arrived on the sandy beach on the Northern side of the Coigach peninsula. Here is my new, yellow P&H Scorpio with the rest of the kayaks behind. 
 The team split and a smaller group went back the way we came whilst others already drove back to Dundee. Here is Giulio, paddling against wind and tide. 
We reached the campsite after another 30+km paddle and Dundee at 2 am on Monday after a long drive back. Long may the Caledonian summer last!


Robbie Graham said...

Nice set of photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey Henning, let me know when you fancy Suilven. I've done it twice, but that's nowhere near enough. A canoe approach is feasible (though you'd have to lend me one)...


Ryan & Henning said...

Hi Tim, we might organise it as a group trip. It is mainly kayaking followed by a relatively short walk...

john carew said...
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