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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Corrie of Farchal: Silver Threads among the Gold, IV,5

Winter begins and I managed a short exit ticket. Brian and I decided to go once again into Corrie of Farchal which is to the South of Winter Corrie in Glen Clova. Here is Brain during the walk in: snow! The hills did not look promising from Forfar but from 600 m onwards there was snow.
 I continued my 'new' tradition of starting the season with 'Silver Threads among the Gold'. It is a three pitch IV,5 with a short walk in and some great climbing, arguably the best winter buttress climb in the Angus glens. Here is Brian on the last technical problem of the first pitch. 
 There are plenty of chimneys, technical walls, a cave and some variation. Here Brian climbs a steepish little wall. 
 Whilst the turf was admittedly poor at the start it was good here making the problem considerably easier. 
 After that a tunnel pitch, a troglodytes dream, to emerge at the bottom of the final wall.The wall is steeper than it looks and balancy but has, like the rest of the climb, good gear. Top conditions up here as the spindrift had plastered this area.  

Overall a great climb which is not obvious at all from the road but reveals its qualities to those who climb it! Brian thought one star in average and two stars in good conditions.


Steve Perry said...

Nice one!

Sophie grace said...

Wot, again? You're getting into a rut Henning :-)


ian mcintosh said...

looks great. nice pics too.
quite fancy giving it a go... not sure i could find it tho..!
ian [from stirling..]

Sophie grace said...

It's easy to find, just follow Henning :-)

Anonymous said...

Ian (Mac), Sharon and I found and climbed this today. Very good route. The "steep turfy wall" on the last pitch was buried in old, but unconsolidated snow, which forced a traverse right to break through where I could reach some frozen turf. I've put a quick post on the ClimbNow blog. Thanks for an excellent route.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a topo for the routes at all?