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Monday, 21 April 2014

Glen Lethnot & Anstruther kayak

The East of Scotland has been sunny over the Easter period. First, more exploration of the Angus glens. This time I went to run in Glen Lethnot which can be accessed easily from Brechin. Glen Lethnot is not visited often as the hills are smaller than in Glen Clova but it is just as beautiful as the other glens especially on a sunny day. Here I am on the approach. 
Recently I have started to run or walk the routes which are in the James Carron's walking guide for the Angus glens:
I parked near Craigendowie and from there a landrover track goes up all the way to Tamhilt at 537 m. Generally there are many landrover tracks in this glen which are good for easy running but it takes away from the wildernes. Here is the view all the way down to the North Sea. The lighthouse near Montrose is a whitish dot on the image. 
 I then carried out, again on a landrover track, to the hill of Mondurran which is 602 m and the highest point of the route. To the North is the continuation of the glen and Hunthill lodge. 
 Here a look back again with the lodge. 
 There is a lot of wildlife in the area especially hares and grouse. I then ran southwards and saw a golden Eagle, I think. After that down with sheeps on the opposite slopes. 
 On Easter Sunday we met at Anstruther harbour for a kayak trip to Fife ness. 
 Here is our group with the houses of Anstruther behind. Apparently the orange tiles are from Holland and were obtained in exchange for some goods. 
 We paddled to Crail and saw a miniglider.
 Here are our kayaks in Crail harbour...
 ... and here is a view of the narbour. 
 In the area there are several fossils including fossilised trees. Here is our inspection team...
 We went to the tip of Fife, saw the now abandoned coastguard station and returned. Some dolphins passed in the opposite direction. Here we are back in Anstruther...
 ... and here we reach the harbour. 
Few countries are better than Scotland when the weather is good!

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