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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Life by the sea: Logie head, Newburgh dunes

May has come. It is the time to climb, kayak, and run. Today we went to Logie head on the Moray coast, a place where I had never climbed before. Here are Ged and Watty during the walk in.
 We started in the 'star' zone at the Northern end and climbed VS's and HVS's in the May sun. 
 Here is Watty on his climb...
 ... and here he reaches the end. 
 Higher up a view towards the West. 
 Here is Ged climbing a HVS 5b, Rising Star. 
 Perfect conditions. 
 A group of sea kayakers passed.
 When the tide came in we walked towards the Eastern end where we met other climbers. I climbed 'Dave's dilemma', a relatively straight forward E1.
 It became busy.
 Some sea birds. 
 On Thursday after work I went to the sand dunes near Newburgh. 
 All alone and long beaches.
 Beautiful views but it became chilly. 
 On the way back inland the Easter lambs were playing in the evening sun. 

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