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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bang for buck training: Legaston

One major benefit of joining the Etchachan club seems to be that members receive a permanent weekend exit ticket, usually spent cranking rock or ice (see Neil Morrison's excellent photos on Flickr: In contrast, non-members are usually on relationship, children or DIY duty and can usually, if at all, only climb 2-3 hours every other weekend.

So how to avoid falling too far behind? As I am at Dundee most weekends I am very lucky that the Angus venues Kirrie hill, Legaston and Robs Reed offer some very good sport climbing which is 30 min from Dundee with plenty of routes in the F6 grades. On Sunday, a cold 2nd of May, Arno and I went to Legaston Quarry for the first time this season to do a few routes being back home at lunchtime. Good for fitness and technique and good for climbing a lot in a few hours. The best route for the F6 weaklings is probably the 'Flight of the Mad Magician F6b' with a memorable crux move. Here is a video of another route, 'Bomber' at 6a+:


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Anonymous said...

Don't worry Henning I've done plenty of that juggling over the years and still do but I am amazed at this years weekend pass myself!! It's maybe age related.