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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Treble E1 at the Pass of Ballater

For once in a long time a warm evening was forecast and so Adam and I went to the Pass of Ballater to do some E1s. First Stinker: easy to the roof, place gear as high as possible, down to a rest and then go for glory. Second Black Custard: Easy enough climbing to the roof, place plenty of gear, again down for a rest and here we go. Finally Blutered: Thin traverse with a dodgy microcam (unless you want lots of ropedrag), place lots of gear and then jam for glory. Unfortunately I had placed so much gear that the rope became tangled and I had to unclip and reclip three pieces of gear before carrying on and reaching the finishing jug with not much left in the tank. A bit more 'go for it' and we'll be ready for the mountains.

Adam is also climbing better than last year as a result of climbing E1s almost everytime we went out.

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