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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Unforgiving Newtonhill

Another rain forecast and we could just not stomach another night climbing indoors. So Adam and I went for Newtonhill because if it was wet there we could at least do traverses at Dykes cliff. The North facing cliff was relatively dry and I started on Acapulco, a pumpy, juggy, overhanging E1. It went well to the crux but there I could just not get my foot high enough, got pumped and had to rest. Disappointing but there you go. It rained at the top but Red Baron HVS as a second climb was more or less fine and it didn't go too badly.

Newtonhill is for the light & fit folk among us and not for fatties such as Adam and myself. But failing is part of the game and it beats indoors after a long winter spent climbing plastic.

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