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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Season starter 2015: The Seam IV,5

This weekend I had no plans, Robbie and I had earlier agreed to do something together, and snow showers were forecast. So here's Robbie walking towards the Northern Corries to find a "snowed up" route with little turf as the turf would not be frozen.
 Things looked black on the Eastern side of the corrie so we approached Fiacaill ridge which was very snowy in places as the wind had blown spindrift onto the climbs
 We decided to try the Seam as it was white even though I had done it before. Here is Robbie soloing to reach the bottom of the chimney, the proper start of the route...
 ... and here the fault line that will higher up develop into the chimney.
 Good back and footing, all with plenty of gear and hooks. The trickier climbing does not have turf so ideal for these conditions.
 I then climbed the last bit to the top. Great climbing if a little soft for technical 5 under snowed up rock conditions. many great hooks and good gear everywhere.
Robbie topped out at 11.59 h. We scrambled a wee bit over Fiacaill ridge...
... picked up our rucksacks and went to the pub. Winter 2015 has started!