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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Seven routes in Angus

This weekend Robbie and I had planned to go to the Ben or Meggie as everyone else. But we both had a bit of a cold and so we decided against a long day on the Ben and had a wee look at a 'new' venue in the Angus glens instead. The walk in was easy with either frozen tracks or firm neve. Our first route was zig-zagging up the crag at grade I...
 ... to reach the small cornice. Great positions but easy climbing.
 We descended an easy gully, route 2, to climb up a slightly steeper gully on the right hand side, route 3.
Here is Robbie starting route 3, another gully line on the right hand side. Short but more of a line and maybe grade I or II. At the top a unique prow.
Again down route 2 and we soloed route 4, a grade II, which we had seen when we did our zig zag route. By the way, we always carried a rope so that we could set up a belay and climb with ropes if necessary.
Once again down route 2 and up route 5, an icy line to the right of route 4, this time with ropes.
Again down number 2 and up the best ice line that we could see which was route 6. It goes just to the right of Robbie.
 Here, I start the main pitch...
 ... and here is the main ice fall, mostly good ice! Grade IV.
 Just above was a good cave belay...
 ... which Robbie enjoyed as well.
Robbie even added a cave variation near the top, a treat for troglodytes and horror for claustrophobics. Great views from the top over the Angus glens.
We descended not very well defined gully line on the left hand side of the crag, route 7 (ok 5 in ascent and 2 in descent), and then walked out in the sunshine.
We could have gone on but I was coughing a lot so decided to call it a day. The sunshine on the walk out was the cold treatment that the doctor had prescribed. I am not sure whether the Ben would have been much better.

Finally, to complete the multi-medial overload, a wee video:
Seven routes in Angus from Henning Wackerhage on Vimeo.

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